What is Kevlar?


Kevlar is a new high-tech synthetic fiber, which is now widely used in the field of bulletproof products and is one of the ideal bulletproof materials. So what kind of material is Kevlar and why does it have such a powerful bulletproof performance?


The molecular structure of Kevlar

The molecular formula of Kevlar is (C14H10O2N2)n, which means that it is composed of repeating units connected to each other to form a chain structure, and these chain structures are connected to each other by hydrogen bonds to form a network.

The molecular structure of Kevlar determines its strong heat resistance and flame retardancy, with a melting point as high as 371 degrees C. In addition, its molecular weight is very light, and the tight combination of hydrogen bond, amide bond and imine bond makes it have good tensile strength.


Bulletproof mechanism of Kevlar

Unlike hard bulletproof materials such as ceramics and metals, Kevlar has super high strength, good toughness and tensile properties due to the close bonding of chemical bonds in the molecules. intercepted by the fiber mesh.

The application of Kevlar in the field of ballistic protection has greatly improved the protection performance of various ballistic protection products and reduced the weight of ballistic protection equipment to a large extent, which is a great progress in the field of ballistic protection.



Application of Kevlar

With the advantages of good heat resistance, tensile strength and high strength, Kevlar has been widely used in various daily life products and the manufacture of ballistic protection equipment.

For example, we often use drink straws and safety gloves in our daily life; parachute ropes for aerospace, cables for ships; racing suits and firefighters' heat insulation protective clothing; bulletproof vests, bulletproof inserts and bulletproof helmets for military, etc.