4th July Independence Day Big Sale

Activity time:2021.06.01-2021.07.04, UTC-7

1.Independence Day Bonus

During the Big Sale Period (2021.06.01-2021.07.04, UTC-7), customers who purchase our Helmets will get our Helmet Accessories for FREE(One for each Helmet purchased,Multiple Helmets give multiple Helmet Accessories ) for free.

(1)Pay 1 Get 10 Over $99.When you buy our helmets over $99,you will get 9 Velcros for FREE.

(2)Buy Bump Helmets Get Helmet Cover or Tactical Ballistic Goggle For FREE.When you buy our helmets over $149 like our Bump Helmets,you will get our Helmet Cover or Tactical Ballistic Goggle For FREE.(Random Color)

(3)Pay $499 = $499 NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet + $499 Helmet Accession,PAY $499 GET $998.When you buy our helmets over $499,you will get our Helmet Accessories whice worth $499 For FREE.(Random Color)

(4)Get All Our Helmet Accessories For FREE Over $1000.When you buy our helmets over $1000,you will get ALL our Helmet Accessories For FREE.(Random Color)

(5) Duration: Order should be placed within the time frame 00:00, June 1, 2021 to 23:59 July 4, 2021 (utc-7)

(6) Requirement: Placing and pay the order with PayPal successfully.

(7) Exception: If an order is canceled or a payment dispute is raised within 7 days after the order has been confirmed, the Independence Day Bonus will be no longer valid for this order.

(8) Gift-giving: Generally, Free gift(s) will be shipped within the original package(s). However, gifts and goods will be shipped separately depending on how the product(s) are packed. You may get several tracking numbers after they are shipped.

(9) Return & Exchange: the return policy of Helmets will be implemented according to the Ballistic Club Shipping & Return Policy. We do not accept no reason to return service for gifts, unless it is damaged.

(10) Notes: We reserve the rights to explain this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

2.Discounts are available on most products in the store for a limited time,the maximum discount is 49%.

3.Join us as our agent.All our products support wholesale.Buy 2 Get Extra 5% OFF!Buy 3 Get Extra 6% OFF!Buy 5 Get Extra 7% OFF!Buy 10 Get Extra 10% OFF!Buy 15 Get Extra 12% OFF!Buy 30 Get Extra 13% OFF!Buy 50 Get Extra 15% OFF!Buy 100 Get Extra 20% OFF!Buy More Save More!