Cashback Plan

1. Overview

Customers who purchased our products and publish the review videos on specific social media channels will get up to 100% cashback!

2. Requirements

(1) The title of the video (or post) and the introduction of the video need to include our brand name【Ballitic Club】, for example, "Ballistic Club boltless high cut level IIIa ballistic helmets review".

(2) The【purchase link】of the product should be included in the comment or video introduction. For example,

(3) Our official account name should be mentioned in the title or the video introduction or the post review. The Official Accounts are as below:

Youtube: @Ballistic Club

Instagram: @ballisticclub

(4) The video time should be more than 45 seconds.

3. Directions

(1) Please try your best to explain the shape and structure of the helmet in detail for the audience, and explain the function of each part of the helmet.

(2) If the condition allows, Please do a Bulletproof Test of the helmet for the audience and record the full test process. Please use a 9mm caliber pistol to conduct a shooting test at a place at least 5m* away from the helmet, and shoot from at least three angles, so that the audience can understand the working principle of the V50 bulletproof mechanism.

*The distance of 5 meters comes from the helmet NIJ bulletproof test reports, but the distance is still affected by factors including but not limited to aerodynamics, ambient temperature, test site, etc. Customers do pay attention to your safety.

(3) Use English (US) as much as possible for video explanations and letters, so that you can publish and spread them on various social media.

4. Proprietary Rights

The ownership of the video you make belongs to you and your social media account. But please understand that if necessary, we will use all or part of the clips or pictures in your video for marketing promotion.

5. Safety Alert

Although we have great confidence in our helmets, there is no guarantee that they will be safe. Due to the danger of bulletproof tests, please try to keep a safe distance according to our tips, and use the same specification of equipment to test in an open and uninhabited place.

6. Cashback Plan

(1) We offer 10% Cashback when you publish your videos on Youtube or Instagram Page. The videos or other forms of review content need to maintain the release status for more than 7 days. 

(2) We offer 1% Cashback for every 10k plays of your videos. This means that you will get 100% Cashback when you get 900k plays of your videos.

7. How to get the Cashback

Submit your post link(s), account ID, or make some screenshots on your youtube or ins account to us via email [email protected]. Please also tell us your Order Number. The screenshots should show us the publish time of your review to meet the requirements above.

8. How long will my money back to my account?

Once we confirm that your reviews meet the requirements, we will send you cashback within 3 business days after the approval. 

Please understand that in order to ensure the safety of customers' funds, we can only issue cashback to you through your original payment account(PayPal or Credit Card). If the payment fails, we will contact you through your contact information in the order or email. If you do not receive the cashback, please contact us in time. The arrival time depends on the processing time of the bank and PayPal.

If you need any further assistance, please Contact Us at any time.