Get Your Cashback NOW!

Who can participate in the event?

All our customers

How to participate in the event?

1. Buy any products on our website, review them, and post the review videos on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram;

  • The title of the review video contains our brand name Ballistic Club.
  • The detailed introduction of the video contains the product you purchased from our website, and there is a link to purchase this product on our website.
  • Review the video content, including, but not limited to, explaining the product structure and features, functions, etc. Use 9mm pistols and other weapons to shoot our bulletproof helmets. Or compare the characteristics of different helmets.
In short, if you think our products are great, please show them to your followers without hesitation, and let more people know Ballistic Club----We are committed to providing customers with affordable and quality ballistic helmets .

Get Your Cashback NOW!

Anyone who publishes a video in accordance with the above requirements will immediately rebate 10% of the cash for your purchase of the product (the following percentages are all percentages of the amount of the product you purchased)

When the playback volume of your review video reaches 10,000, we will return 1% of the cash. When the playback volume increases by 10,000, the cashback will increase by 1%. For example, when the playback volume increases to 200,000, the cashback will be 20%. ……We will return the full amount to you when it reaches 900,000 views, and the activity is valid for life! !

Note: Orders placed during the 6.1-7.4 Independence Day event will be refunded DOUBLE.
Video content has double rebate for shooting

All cash back, we will directly realize through Paypal transfer, if you meet our cash back requirements, please contact us in time, review our products as soon as possible, and give you cash back as soon as possible! Buy your favorite products on our website: