All products are Free Shipping for you.

1. Processing: The product processing time depends on the time frame of the quality check, the packaging, and also on the store contingent of the individual product.

2. Shipping: A shipment takes 15-20 business days to arrive.It may vary according to the country and region or delayed by COVID-19.

For orders sent to Honduras, please note: You must be of legal age (+18 years), must have RTN (Tax id) to clear the shipment once it arrives to Honduras. Your shipments will be held by the Honduran customs for their respective process of release and payment of duties and taxes (Additional cost will be associated).

Due to COVID-19, shipments to the below countries have been prohibited. Unfortunately, we will have to stop our services and shipments temporarily. Once we have clearance to ship again, we will notify you immediately.(Algeria 、Andorra、Angola、Anguilla、Antigua and Barbuda、Argentina、Aruba、Azerbaijan、Bahamas、Bangladesh、Barbados、Belarus、Belize、Benin、Bermuda、Bhutan、Bolivia、Botswana、Brunei Darussalam、Burkina Faso、Burundi、Cambodia、Cameroon、Cape Verde、Cayman Islands、Chad、Comoros、Congo、Cook Islands、Costa Rica、Croatia (local name: Hrvatska)、Cyprus、Djibouti、Dominica、Dominican Republic、Ecuador、El Salvador、Equatorial Guinea、Eritrea、Ethiopia、Faroe Islands、Fiji、French Guiana、Gabon、Gambia、Georgia、Gibraltar、Greenland、Grenada、Guam、Guinea、Guyana、Haiti、Honduras、Iceland、Jamaica、Kazakhstan、Kenya、Kyrgyzstan、Lao People's Democratic Republic、Lesotho、Liberia、Liechtenstein、Madagascar、Malawi、Mali、Malta、Mauritius、Mayotte、Moldova、Monaco、Mongolia、Montenegro、Mozambique、Myanmar、Namibia、Netherlands Antilles、New Caledonia、Nicaragua、Panama、Papua New Guinea、Rwanda、Saint Lucia、Samoa 、San Marino、Senegal、Serbia、Seychelles、Sierra Leone、Somalia、Suriname、Swaziland、Tajikistan、Togo、Trinidad and Tobago、Turks and Caicos Islands、Uganda、Uzbekistan、Vanuatu、Virgin Islands(U.S.)、Zambia、Zimbabwe)